Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rangers vs. Cardinals: World Series!

Hi, readers. I apologize for not blogging when I was supposed to over the past week, but hey, cut my some slack: I have been following the world series, as you all should be! It looks like this year, it will be quite the close series indeed.

Texas and the Cardinals have been going tic for tac, one blow to the next, in this contention for this season's baseball champion. It's great to watch these two teams play against each other in this World Series. Personally, though, I'm rooting for the Texas Rangers.

For one, they need a series win, and two, I used to work for them as a boy. Naturally, I have a soft spot for the team. Finally, the Cards' have already been there and done that with the World Series, so I say let a team like the Rangers get one!

I do gotta say, though, that Albert Pujols and the rest of his team (yes, his team) can and will be a threat to the Rangers. If I could chat with the Rangers' manager one-on-one, mano-y-mano, I would say to him, "WALK PUJOLS!" Just do that every time and you just might win this series. Or, of course, you can let him (try to) hit and wish for the best? It's not my choice.

I know, I know. You're probably sitting there, saying, "Let the coaches that know baseball do their job." Well, I agree, but I was a manager of a single-A and a double-A (A and AA) adult team for a couple of years, as well as managing and coaching at almost all youth levels. I even played youth ball growing up, in college, and then in the Mexican League for a couple of years, myself!

So with that, I really think I could help the Rangers manager, haha! However, I will never get the chance, so I will just have to hope and pray that the manager makes the right decision and wins this series for himself and his team, as well as all of us fans that have been waiting so loooong for a Rangers championship!