Thursday, December 15, 2011

To The Next Level (8 to 12 Years)

OK we talked about the 5, 6 and 7 year old Baseball players.

Let’s now talk about the 8 through 12 year old baseball players and what they need to be doing to make it on a team and the next level in that area and to make it onto the ALL-STAR team at the end of the season.
  1. Get the right amount of sleep.
  2. Eat right.
  3. Get a daily work out (this is for the off season only), so you are in top shape when regular season practices start. When you do your work out in the off season, you will be in the top of the group when it comes to being ready, and that could mean a starting spot on a team.
  4. Study how baseball is played and played right, like watch videos on "The Right Way to Play Baseball" and read on it as well. When you go to your next practice, and when I say “practice” I mean practice, because that is the only time you should try your new moves you think you learned from the internet or by reading, and when you feel like you mastered it is when you take what you learned to your next game and see if it works there too, now you just made yourself a better ball player, and that's why they/we call it practice.   
  5. And lastly, but mostly, important is your school work. Start now so you have good study habits for high school, because in high school you have to have a 2.00 GPA (grade point average) or better to play baseball and/or any other sport (read up on CIF rules) for high school sports. Also, this would be a good time for the 11 and 12 year old to start practicing on the "lead off" (on the bases) and the "steal".
PITCHERS: You need to start learning the "pitch-out" to the bases. I know... I know. You don't start doing it until you are 13 years old, but you need to start now to be ready for that next level. Stand out to the coaches in try-outs, too.

Note: ALWAYS take something to drink, preferably water or some kind of water replacement. No, I don't mean sodas or energy drink.


Where was the first Major League Baseball night game played?


  1. All very true. Also for drinks we use gatorade or powerade. Has the electrolytes some kids need that water doesn't supply. Had one kids a few years back during a field trip pass out. Was drinking water, but didn't quite take. felt better after some powerade. But water is the best for heat. It's mostly about staying hydrated like you said. Also 1935. There was something on tv the other night lol. some reason stuck with me.

  2. Damn fine post for today! will come in very hand once my 4 year gets old enough to play base ball!

  3. Is it too soon to start strength training?

  4. I think still alot of baseball players aint getting enough sleep or eat well, They might know this and read it well so they know what they expect if they are doing these steps ;) :D nice post !

  5. they will be hitting homers in no time!

  6. I like what you're teaching the younger people, not just about baseball but about good habits too.

  7. Man I cant wait to get my lil one out to play some good ol baseball!

  8. great tips. they should come in very handy

  9. Great tips for my lil one. Thanks bro!

  10. As a non-american fellow, I must say I am surprised to know that you actually have to study and have good grades even if you are good at sports, unlike what movies and TV make us believe...
    Really good tips here :D

  11. I wish i had this guide when i was playing little league. I might have gone a little further. Nice post!